Sunday, 29 March 2015

Gyaru Meme: Day Two



Hi guys were back for doing day two of the Gyaru Meme. The Gyaru meme is found on the Gyaru blog post sharing Facebook group. The above photo is from a photoshoot we did recently, sorry that it’s so grainy the lighting was not good behind the set :( but it has both of us in so I wanted to use it.

Gyaru meme Day two: 15 facts about yourself

1.  I’ll start with maybe the most obvious one but we are Identical Twins.

2. Amy is the older twin but not by much!


3. Claire is an avid wig hoarder.

4. Amy is studying an area of fashion at University.

5. Amy has two different coloured eyes one green and one blue.

6. Our favourite colours are pink and lilac.

7. We are both 6ft tall.

8. Our star sign is Pisces~


9. Our favourite magazines are Ageha (Amy) Egg (Claire).

10. Our favourite brands are La Pafait, D.I.A, Ma*rs and Ghost of Harlem.

11. Our favourite Pokémon is Snorlax.

12.  We love to D.I.Y and craft things~!

13. We live in England.

14.  We’re avid gamers, we love Borderlands since we can play it together.


15. We love Disney our favourite characters are Belle, Stitch and the aliens from Toy Story ( I actually have some pants with them on~)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post it was very fun to write ^^

Blog soon
Amy and Claire x

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Pink Sunset Outfit Post



Hi gals, How are you? I’ve recently broke up from university and have a three week holiday so I’m finally able to dress more like myself and give more time to the blog. I’ve been waiting to wear my Gold’s Infinity cardigan for a while, but when it arrived I realised I didn’t have anything to wear with it D: Luckily I spotted this black cami with chain straps in Primark which was just perfect.


I wore one of my favourite wigs again, I love the pink ombre, I matched my eye make up to go with the wig. I tried out some different techniques with my make up and liked how some of them worked out. With a strong pink eye make up I went for a nude lip with Coven Cream Apocalipslick  by Lunatick Cosmetics, which I just love the finish of. It is like a lip gloss but it has a very high coverage and is not sticky at all. I feel like my vibrant hair and make up really went well with my monochrome outfit.



Cardigan: Gold’s Infinity
Top: Primark
Shorts: Primark
Boots: Off brand
Wig: Geisha wigs- Magenta Ombre

I love that the cardigan has a hood, I really loved how it looked with my hair. I matched the Primark top with the chain straps to the gold chain on the cardigan which you can’t really see it in the pictures. 11082766_1609548649256908_46458560_n

I did a little collage to show the ‘hot points’ of my outfit which I love. I really like the cold shoulder and the hood. I think it’s perfect for spring and summer as it kept me quite cool. Spring has just arrived in England but it still is quite cold most days so I would definitely have to layer up with this cardigan. However I might sell the cardigan as I think my shoulders are a little to wide for it :(.

But never mind! I’ve really enjoyed wearing it and now I can pass it on to someone else c:

I am sooo ready for spring!

Blog soon

Amy xx

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Gal Haul~!

What’s up Guys and Gals?

Sorry for the radio silence!!! We both kind of got sucked into life a little and trying to focus on other things but here’s a haul that has been waiting to be shown for a long while. We actually have been building it since the start of 2015! Most of it was for our birthday which was in February but some was after. But anywaaaaaay let’s get on to the goodies! Oh and this haul contains brands and off brands and make sure to read our tips at the bottom of the post for the perfect Gyaru haul.


Yay~! La Pafait gemmed up accessories! Because you can’t have just a cute little bear on its own right? No, you need tonnes of rhinestones! I am not hating at all I love how luxurious this all looks! When we first opened up our package including these we actually first panicked a little. The seller we bought this off kindly included an extra necklace and two hair accessories! How sweet was that c:


Even though it is getting warmer these furry knit items are still great for spring, especially for colder countries. The black knit pom pom headband is from Glad News and the furry snood is offbrand.




Now these beauties are perfect for spring and summer. The top two vests are off brand and the bottom is Dream V. I love all the lace detailing on the Dream V piece.


Ahh Gold’s Infinity we do love you! This is a cold shoulder cardigan with a hood. Great for finishing an outfit off or when there’s a cool breeze.


And finishing off our haul and possibly our favourite pieces are our DIA belts and bag. The bag was the bag used for the Lucky packs this year. It is super useful! So big and roomy. Then we have our two belts. We thought that the belts would be pretty heavy with all the metal work and chains they have but they’re surprisingly light! These were our dream buys too.

Gyaru Haul Pro Tips!

1. First of all research want you want first! This will help you keep the price down and stop you from buying too many similar things.

2. You can find perfectly gal items on the high-street. This is where your research comes to play. It may take a little bit more work but it’s worth it if your a gal on a budget!

3. Two words. Colour coordination, make sure the items you buy go with your wardrobe. Or you’ll find yourself having to buy more items to go with it or selling it on.

4. Facebook groups! There are loads of gals wanting to sell off pieces of there wardrobes to other gyaru’s. These groups can be great for finding that rare item, getting the latest buys or rather getting some old school pieces and all at a great price too!

5. DIY, sometimes it really is best just to do it yourself. It may be that you dream item is way to expensive, you just can’t find what you’ve envisioned or that you really just can’t find the item… ANYWHERE!


So these are our five top tips for the perfect gyaru haul and our gyaru haul! We really hope you have enjoyed this post! The last tip was our special tip. We will be touching on DIY in our future posts as it is a great way to make something truly unique and yours!

So what was your recent favourite buy?

Blog soon

Clairey and Amy xx

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Gyaru Meme: Day One

Hey gals what’s up?

I’m super happy that it’s finally Spring. Well, I’m considering it Spring as it was warm enough to go out without a coat on. I’m also super happy because my Medusas Makeup package arrived all the way from Chicago to the U.K. I’ll be going through what I’ve ordered and what I think of them in another blog. What I’ve ordered will be super helpful for the creative hair and beauty course I’ll be doing in September which I’m beyond excited for. But let’s get started on the Gyaru meme.

You can find the meme on the gyaru blog sharing group on Facebook which I really suggest you do it has some really good questions in it. Though this meme has 30 days in it, I’ll be spreading it out a bit more in between posts.

Day One – When did you Start Wearing Gyaru?

We both found out about gyaru seven years ago when we started watching the anime Super Gals. How’s that for some nostalgia for you~


So when we started watching the anime Super Gals! It just brought us into this world of bright colours and girl power. It was all about bright hair tanned skin and being wild, having fun and being sexy.

So then me and Amy did some research and found out about some gyaru magazines. It was mainly Egg and Ranzuki though.We just loved all the bright colours and cheetah print. But the hair was our favourite by far. So recently we bought a load of old Egg magazines to relive it all and see how amazing it was at that time.


We just totally loved how they were always having a blast.Their nails, their hair just everything was on point.


Amy’s favourite gyaru model was Romihi. She loves how Romihi’s hair was always changing up with all these bright colours and wigs. Romihi also had more of and edgy side to her, wearing leopard and then changing everything up to keep people on their toes.


And my favourite was Kanako. She had shorter hair then the other gals and sometimes she would just wear jeans and a top and would still look gyaru! She was always looking awesome always wearing bright colours and always having fun. And that was the gal I wanted to be.

We both started trying out gyaru pretty much from then for a while then we took a break from it, a long break. Don’t get me wrong we would still keep up on it every now and again but we stopped wearing it. So we don’t really have any photos from when we started out wearing gyaru.

Up until now that is, me and my twin love gyaru and are building up our gyaru wardrobes again.


So get wild and be sexy~!

Clairey xxx

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Happy Birthday to us~!


Well not today, actually it was a couple of days ago…

But back to the story!

It was mine and Amy’s birthday this week and we turned 21~! Amy decided to take the day away from all of her uni work and we did a mini photo shoot showing some styles that me and sis have really been feeling recently.


I think you can see straight away me and sis have quite different styles. I love how Amy (on the left) looks so more sophisticated and then there’s me with the red hair. Were kind of like ying and yang.


11022822_596510170483533_1189898832_n (1)

We were sooo happy when we found out how to attach the bump to Amy’s GLW princess hime wig. It seem to take forever. And ever. But we absolutely love this wig, it’s great quality and really thick. Amy’s wearing her La Pafait bow necklace and head piece (We will be featuring them in an upcoming haul post).

Amy really wanted to get into Hime Gyaru, she’s been loving this style for a while. It’s just a matter of building her wardrobe up. Gyaru sale groups on Facebook help but don't expect many Hime looks for a while. She wanted to wear a darker dress as it’s still winter. After looking at instagram Amy wants to try out some lower lashes with her hime make up.



I really wanted to go for a rokku look again. I was centering the outfit around the dress. I was trying out a new make up style and I really quite like it. Next time I’ll add lower lashes to complete the look. I’m really thinking of styling this wig, it need way more volume! Luckily I have a few Ageha magazines to help me with it.

So what does it mean now to be 21? Well, nothing. Just that were a year older haha ~

We have a few exciting projects coming up, some more reviews , inspiration posts a giveaway coming up and well, springs coming up! Which means finally getting to wear pretty outfits without a huge coat covering it up. I’m really feeling pastels this spring.

See you next time gals~

Clairey xxx