Sunday, 24 April 2016

Styles are a changing ~ Ane Gal & Ora Ora?

Hi sweeties!

We all have the moment when all of a sudden you're just not feeling it anymore. Feeling bored with your style and not really sure what you're doing. This moment has been my reality for ages now! 

For a long while I was being hard on myself because of it. I couldn't just keep to one style and that people will think I'm fake, which I know now isn't true. People's styles do change and there's more than one side to people. 

I'm definitely still gyaru I think it's my favourite Japanese fashion style. But maybe not so much with a cutesy style anymore?

Ora ora and Ane gal feels more like home to me now. I was finding rokku to be a bit too young and cutesy for me. I'm 22 and wanted something I bit more sophisticated, but with an edge. Ane gal really has the "I don't give a damn" vibe to it all. It can vary from being more casual to more of a extravagant look. 

For those who aren't familiar with the styles Ane Gal is Onee Gal naughty sister. Think a more sophisticated mature look with an edge. Ora ora is seen as a more tougher gyaru style, mainly have darker colours and clothing can involve hoodies, track suits and ripped jeans. I think the both of the styles can be pretty similar but with ora ora having a more casual feel.

The best gyaru magazine to find these styles is Soul Sister although I have seen ane gal styles lightly shown in Ageha before. Soul Sister can be a hard magazine to find both to buy and to find scans online. So I took the plunge and bought an issue from Japan (oh god the shipping! But I needed this beauty!).

This magazine is turning into the gospel for me XD I put stickers on all the pages I want to scan in and share with you all! But there's so many! Maybe over a few blog posts?

Also me and Amy have a youtube channel now! We're releasing new videos every week! This weeks video is a complete beginners guide on how to use the shopping service From Japan

Blog soon

Clairey xx

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Sunday, 17 April 2016

FromJapan Haul! Tralala, Liz Lisa, Dream v ♥

Hi guys! How is everyone? Yesterday I finally got around to opening my FromJapan (shopping service) order with all my goodies. I filmed myself opening the haul, so if you want to watch it on YouTube you can here: 

I'm so glad that a lot of Gyarus are doing youtube videos now ^^ it keeps the community alive and will hopefully get new gals interested.

I can't believe I managed to cut myself when opening the packages XD definitely not an adult aha! anyways on to the haul.

Lets start with my favorite  I managed to find this super cute full roomwear set from tralala, I love their roomwear so much! it only was only 525 yen too :o

I got this super cute La Pafait hair band scrunchie. I bought this after getting my Tralala one I wear them as bracelets a lot instead and this one is huge with all the ruffles! 

I finally found another pair of lace leg warmers! I love them so much but they are so hard to find now! I've got two pairs now  white and black and black and pink perf for my wardrobe.

Of course I had to get a Ageha and lashes which I instantly tried on as soon as I opened them XD. I love this cover, its so rock and roll! The lashes are quite different to the ones I use so they're nice to try.

Can you tell I love Tralala yet? Now I can have a complete Tralala outfit XD the black parts of the bag are glittery I don't know if it's come up in the photos D:

For those who don't know I do fashion and my last unit was swimwear, so I bought this in to analyse the construction etc, but it also looks to be my size which is lucky XD 

Unfortunately you don't always win and get the right size when buying online, but that's just the way it is ^^ I'll be selling them on cheap for other gals to get instead.

Oddly right now we are having some warm weather here in England so me and Clairey (and doggy) are taking advantage of it while we can In the garden. I hope it's sunny were you are!

blog soon xx

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Gyaru Swimwear Project and life update~

Hi Gals!
A while back I asked for people to fill in my Gyaru swimwear survey for my swimwear project at uni, Which so many of you answered so Thank you for that ^^

Unfortunately something very unexpected happened =(  Before the start of the unit I was put on some new medication to help me, which it did slightly. However once the medication dosage was upped it started to affect me badly, which I didn't notice. The medication side effects made quite ill and with the stress of uni I went down hill without noticing until I crashed rock bottom. I am now having to repeat the year as I've missed my last 6 units of the year which I wouldn't be able to do on my own without teaching as they are all hands on specialist projects and live industry projects.

I want to be honest with you gals as I think it will help me. I am absolutely gutted with having to repeat the year and not noticing how ill I got. I am ashamed I didn't take better care of myself. But I can't be negative and have to try keep positive!

So over this summer I will be using my half completed sketchbook to make gyaru swimwear for me, my twin and some U.K gals as test guinea pigs. (Please go easy on my illustrations they were very very quick ones I made while I was ill) 

Luckily my fabric supplier had a HUGE sale on swimwear fabric (which is quite expensive to source!) so I spent allll the student money I had left on it and got many many metres of it and also bought these swimwear connectors. 

I suppose one way to think about it is now I have more time to get better, develop myself and make swimwear. I now know what my focus is on my course and next year I'm going to smash it. 

So without further ado here is loads of pretty swimwear spam

Here's to us all having a wonderful summer!

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Harts Announcement! 8 Facts About Magical Harts

What's up my cuties?
Finally we can talk about something we've been working on for a long time! Me and Amy are finally making one of our dreams come true. 

We've opened our shop called Magical Harts! 

Now this blog post isn't going to be a huge advertisement but rather a quick inside look at our business Magical Harts, which is a Japanese fashion inspired accessories shop.

We named our store after our love for mahou shoujo anime! We just adore the amazing outfits they wear and just how over the top and kawaii they are.

2) The main styles of our store are fairy, precious and rebel. 

3) We're the home of the bear bows and hearts! We just think their adorable and they sure are a staple of our shop.

4) We don't mass make items. We want to give our items a one of a kind unique feel.

5) Our shop is based in the United Kingdom, but we ship worldwide!

6) This has been two years in the making, including conception, designs, prototypes and more. Luckily the time is right now.

7) Amy's favourite product is the bear bow!

8) Claire's Favourite product is the heart headpieces. 

We're so glad we beat through the last road blocks to get Magical Harts up and running.

If you want to help support us you can visit 

Our Store

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Blog soon cuties~!

Clairey xxx