Sunday, 29 January 2017

Powderpuffs are a Girl's Best Friend - Style Inspiration

Hi Cuties!

So I've wanted to be more and more personal with this blog and wanted to incorporate more of the stuff I do in life on my blog.

Recently our shop Magical Harts came out with our powder puff hair clip line which you can get as a single (£4.50) or as a pair of ears (£7.00) and we were really inspired by boudoir girly feel.  There also made with faux fur.

Here's Amy wearing her pair of white ribbon Powder Puff ears styling it in a cute Hime Kaji style. But here is three more ways you can style these puffs.

You can style it in a dolly cute Larme kei style similar to Rei. I think this would look great with brands like Swankiss, Honey Cinnamon and One spo.

Or for more of an impact pair it with Hime Gyaru style like Himena. It can perfectly rest on your hime bump.

But you can totally show you 90's baby style with this perfect Britney look.

I hope you liked this style of post. Style inspiration type posts are so fun to me and I love seeing how people would pair things and what their personal flair is.

Clairey xoxo

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Nabla Cosmetics Review & Swatches - Cruelty Free and Vegan

Hi cuties!


After watching one of my fave makeup youtubers (Jkissa) talking about underrated makeup brands and when she started talking about Nabla it perked my interest. Nabla is an Italian indie makeup brand that honestly to me feels very luxurious with an affordable price. 

I bought all the products myself, this isn't a sponsored review and all of the opinions are completely my own.

So with it being the new year I was feeling very inspired and wanted to try something new.  I also wanted to buy myself a customisable palette as I feel now I'm good enough now and know what I like in makeup more. So I bought a few of the eyeshadows, a blush, highlight and contour.

First off if you spend over 69 you got free delivery (worldwide I believe) and it was sent the next very day and came two days later (from Italy to England). As soon you opened the box it felt like luxury.  Bright pink tissue paper and glossy shiny advert cards which honestly I didn't mind getting as their stuff have such a glamorous feel and got me hook line and sinker.

First off I got the Liberty Nouveau palette just to store my pans in. Really well made, if it looks warped it's just because it has plastic wrapping on it.

The top two eyeshadows are Sensuelle (a duochrome pink with gold highlights) and Glasswork (hazelnut mauve). These eyeshadows are similar to the urban decay moondust formula, great for a top coat but you can really build them up. Full of shimmer and literally feel like liquid silk worth the 9.90 price. Blends so easily.  The bottom two were Lilac Wonder (a satin duochrome lilac and blue toned) and Snowberry (satin, the site says its a warm dusty rose but to me it's more of a rusty colour). These eyeshadows pack more pigment but less glitter. Price 6.50.

All of these eyeshadows literally feel like liquid silk. They blend so easily. Don't feel powdery at all. 

Just want to add they class their eyeshadows top coat, medium, bright and superbright. 

Glasswork & Sensuelle Brush Swatches with Urban Decay Primer.

Snowberry & Lilac Wonder Brush Swatches with Urban Decay Primer.

I ended my haul with the Harper Blush, Cameo Contour and Angel Highlight. One of the reasons I wanted to buy from Nabla was because they did cool toned contour shades. I wanted the shade Gotham which was really cool toned but it was sold out. The contour feels so luxurious and what I like is that it's buildable. As I am pale it really helps that I can decide how strong I want it and not spend forever blending it out. The highlight Angel is amazing but if you want a super intense highlight this isn't for you. It does give you a glow for sure, but again its buildable. The blush is what my twin chose and she definitely chose right. Harper is like a really nice muted baby pink and has great colour pay off.  The blush, contour and highlight all cost €10.50 each.

Harper, Cameo and Angel.

So my ending thoughts of Nabla are actually pretty good. They all feel amazing on my skin and I love that they are cruelty free too. I think I will probably buy another eyeshadow or two from them and watch out for future lines they come out with.

Clairey xx

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Giveaway Winner + Dec Faves and Feels~

Hi sweeties!

So we have come to the end of our celebrating blogging giveaway and it felt super fun running this. To be in touch with the blogging community and finding other blogs was just a feeling a wanted to get back and kind of why we run this giveaway. To celebrate blogging.

Anyway our giveaway winner is!

We've contacted the winner and shall be sending the prize asap! 

Also we recently published our December Faves on our youtube featuring makeup, clothes, Ghost of Harlem and more!

We really try to balance both the blog and the Youtube as our channel is new and we already have the blog. It feels now that the balance is finally coming in more now and we are coming to a happy rhythm. 

This was more of a announcement type of post but we shall be getting back to proper posting after this.

Peace out cuties xoxo


Monday, 9 January 2017

New Year New Haul~ Ghost of Harlem, River Island, Betsey Johnson and more!

Hi Cuties!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and new years! I'm feeling really positive and fashion inspired so I wanted to show you my recent buys and gets~

My lovely twin actually got me this ghost of harlem hoodie for Christmas but I wanted to share it as I'm really feeling into gyaru again. (If you didn't know I stepped away from gyaru a bit to try some other styles.) Before I totally just restrained myself into doing one style and we all know that isn't much fun in the end. But I've really been inspired by seeing on the kawaii pateen youtube channel seeing some of the black diamond girls on it and it ignited my love again for gyaru. 

 I got this lovely slip dress from the River Island sales. I love the slip dress/ lingerie style that's in a the moment and it was in several colours but I felt the grey looked the best.

Okay so it's no secret that I love Betsey Johnson, the colours and the cuteness just reel me in. I wanted a smaller bag and this was just perfect.  I got this at tkmaxx in England for £30 but I know the price tag on it was a lot more in dollars originally. So I don't know if Betsey Johnson is a expensive brand in America or not but anyway, I love it and it's totally handy for if you just need a general bag for just going out etc.

So I really treated myself with the Alien perfume but it's really really worth it to me, it smells divine! I also saw the harajuku lovers perfume in the sale section and the bottle totally caught my eye. I will say though, it's not the longest lasting perfume.

Lastly I thought I'd share these two cute books I got for Christmas. The sad animals facts features funny illustrations with well sad animal facts, well more weird then sad. But if I ever need motivation or support, I'll read the pokemon book. I think it will change my life!

Well this is my fairly small haul but I'm feeling super inspired fashion wise and just falling in love with playing around with style again.

Just to let you all know our giveaway only has 4 days left! 

See you in the next post cuties!

Clairey xx

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Positive Honesty ♥ Personal Post

Hi Sweeties

So I know this post isn't a review or a OOTD. But I think it's something that will help people, and then help me. It's not going to be a negative post either and I'm going to do something I've really wanted to do with this blog more. Be more personable. Put my thoughts out more. So let's as ru paul said "Show some vulnerability".

It feels hard to share things that show you have struggled on the internet but I really want to be open on my blog and make this post something that is positive and know that it is ok to struggle sometimes.

I really love Japanese fashion. I loved dressing up and sharing it on blogs and the japanese fashion community. It was so fun and talking to people and making friends really meant a lot to me. I still do love all of these things.

Early this year in 2016 I became ill for a while. I couldn't do those things I loved like dressing up because I wasn't well enough. It continued for quite a while. And throughout this, I began to doubt myself. Feeling like I wasn't good enough and couldn't do it. I began to lose motivation and hope with my passions.

I still was keeping up with the blogs and social media seeing all of these wonderful looks and outfits. No, I didn't hate them. In Fact it made me happy to see them. But I still found it near impossible to take the plunge and get back into blogging and creating looks. Being creative and expressive. The pressures I put on myself felt like it was locking me down.

But here is the thing. The thing that I've come to realize and has inspired me completely. If you want to do something, just do it (enter shia gif here). Nothing is going to happen if you keep thinking about it. Making it happen for yourself feels so empowering.

So it's okay if you stumble a little or hit a rut. It's actually quite normal. What matters is you find a way to get back to your happy place. Don't feel bad if your not back to 100% straight away and don't compare yourself to others and accept it's okay to fall down at times. That's life.

But just get back up :)

A kind of different blog but a blog I felt important to do. I'm glad I'm being more open with you cuties. Anyone who reads this blog is very important to me. And I hope this message helps at least someone. It doesn't have to be a major thing. It could just be reminding yourself not to put too much pressure on yourself. I still don't feel 100% and still have doubts. But it might help me being more honest.

We will be back to our normal scheduling soon :')

 Clairey xx