Sunday, 28 May 2017

Magical Harts One Year Anniversary ~ Dreams, Triumphs and Reflections

Hi cuties!

If you told me a year ago that I'd be selling my crafts online and sharing my passion and designing my little heart out I would probably say "yeah, in my dreams".

But fast forward a year and I can say yes, I am doing this. Not in my dreams and I'm doing this with someone I love and cherish. My twin Amy ♥

Every story has a beginning, so lets start from there. Me and sis have always loved being creative together. Either through doing cute Japanese fashion inspired looks, blogging and creating small accessories. My life dream is to have our own fashion brand with my twin. Twin being the essential part. As continued to grow and get more inspired through different J fashion styles my dream to open a shop with my sister were trying to burst through the seems.

Twinny and me as babies.

But I doubted myself. My sister can sew, she goes to university doing a fashion degree.  Me? Well I've never said it before but I feel like I can share this now. I someone who stays at home because I struggle with a mental illness. I'm not ashamed, and I feel good about sharing this now. Just because your mentally ill doesn't mean that you can't do nothing and aren't talented.

Amy would come home from a day of university and teach me how to sew and teach me a lot of different techniques and slowly because of her I began to see that we really could do this, we could have our own shop. But we first needed a name.

We were really heavily inspired by Japanese street fashion but for me especially it was magical girls. Sailor moon, Card Captor Sakura, Tokyo Mew Mew I could go on and on. I love the brightness and the hyper cuteness of their outfits and looks. School girls by day, protecting the world by night it is pure girl power. So the name Magical Harts came around and it felt like a perfect fit.

My belief in the shop kept growing stronger and stronger as we came up with original designs and patterns each time making sure there wasn't any flaws and that we felt like they were strong and sturdy enough.

We wanted to start off with some accessories but have more plans to expand our shop further and further. We started off small, but then added hats and necklaces, scarves, and more. Seeing the product in my hands when I finished felt so rewarding. Like I made this, I put in my time and effort and made this. And oh boy when we started making our first sales, I felt euphoric.

I felt validated. I was enjoying myself and loved sharing my passion with other people. I felt like I could actually do something and whilst sure there is a lot of hard work that goes into running the shop and sometimes there are quieter times this has gave me a belief system like no other.

We are currently planning and making mock ups of more items and pieces to add to the store. And looking into other areas too. Amy, I love you so much and I'm so glad that we can share this together. You are my creativity ♥

I didn't do this blog to brag though, not at all. I wanted to share my experience in the hope that it might help someone. You are talented, and you should go for that dream you have big or small. There are learning curves and things you learn through experience but you can do it. If I didn't go for it I really think I'd still be in that down bad space. Sure I still struggle at times but I'm so much more positive now. I approach things with a can do attitude and if I doubt myself I can look at the items I've made and pictures of customers enjoying their items. 

If you want to leave any comments asking about how we went about opening our store online or anything else please do.

And remember, I believe in you ♥

Clairey xoxo

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Monday, 22 May 2017

W*C x Esther Loves You Wishlist!

Hi Cuties!

W*C used to be a gyaru brand with over the top cuteness and Kumatan cardigans (As seen in our haul here) But as gyaru died out so did W*C, until recently! It's now come back with a super cute clothing and Esther Loves You collaborations. 

Speaking of which they have a new series of it coming out soon! Starting 5/26 at 19:00 for the online shop and 6/2 for the stores and here's what I'm dreaming of getting ~

Esther Kim Face Shoulder Bag Pouch - 3229 yen
It's small but perfect for layering and who doesn't want a lilac bunny face.

Esther Kim shirt - 4309 yen
This shirt has two colourways which have different prints but I chose the pink, I love the motifs on this one. 

Esther Kim Rose Print T shirt - 2149 yen 
W*C are doing a lot of simple cute print tees recently and this is another one, perfect for casual coords

 Esther Kim Embroidered Shirt - 2149 yen
Another Simple but cute shirt! I love wearing casual shirts at the minute as it makes me feel cute all the time.

Here's the link to the W*C Esther Loves You Collab 

What do you think of this Collaboration? Are you wanting to get anything?

Stay Cute xxxxxxxxxxx


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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

De Japan Shopping Service Review & Haul WC, Swimmer and Super Lovers

Hi Cuties!

So recently we were approached by DeJapan a new Japanese shopping service that wanted to sponsor us to do a review. So whilst this is sponsored, our opinions are totally our own and what we really think.

Dejapan is a proxy shopping service to help you buy whatever items you want from Japan and Japanese auction sites. The biggest thing about DeJapan is that they don't charge commission instead, they have a simple consolidation plan you pay in the second payment for 100 yen for each item no matter how big or how expensive. They also have native English speakers that are ready to help you if needed and they also do a blog to keep you updated on Japans newest trends.

Here's some information on how to shop with DeJapan

We decided to get our items on a Rakuten Japan set of shops called Vector. Here's the thing, Vector has different shops for each of their locations. You will need to translate the sites but if you search through the DeJapan website, they translate it for you. 

When we placed the order and went through this first payment, the very next day they placed the order. They update you and send emails all the way throughout so you don't have to worry and keep checking all the time. After the items arrive to their warehouse you pay the second payment. 

The second payment is when you pay the consolidation fee. So we had four items, which means you pay 400 yen. So that's £2.74 or in USD $3.53 in total. Which is way less than other fees I've had to pay on other Japanese shopping services. You also pay the domestic delivery fee which for us was 700 yen for four items which was what we thought it would be and then you pay the international delivery fee and you can also choose a packing plan if you want extra peace of mind. They have a number of shipping options that you can choose from EMS, SAL, air, surface and FedEx. We choose EMS and completed the second payment. Again the very next day they posted our items. 

It only took three days for our items to arrive from Japan to the UK. They were in a nice strong shipping bag and all the items were nicely folded and packed in protective wrapping.

Here are the items! 

An old school W*C item back in their gyaru days. I'm so surprised by the quality, it's like it's never been worn. 

Another old school W*C piece, this time with Kumatan on! Though this piece is a little more worn, it's absolutely adorable!

Next is a piece from Super Lovers, which is one of my fave brands ever! Chose this cardigan as I thought it could add a brilliant pop of colour to an outfit.

Lastly this Princess quilted Swimmer tote bag. Which is really good quality. It has a clasp to keep the bag shut and a helpful pocket inside.

So overall based on our own experience it was all really good. And we are being 100% honest. They were always quick to act and made us feel at ease throughout the order. The consolidation fee is simple and clear and a really good deal. 

If you want to know more about DeJapan they have a helpful FAQ.

We also did a video on our experience too if you want to check it out.

Thanks for reading cuties! xoxo


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