Monday, 22 May 2017

W*C x Esther Loves You Wishlist!

Hi Cuties!

W*C used to be a gyaru brand with over the top cuteness and Kumatan cardigans (As seen in our haul here) But as gyaru died out so did W*C, until recently! It's now come back with a super cute clothing and Esther Loves You collaborations. 

Speaking of which they have a new series of it coming out soon! Starting 5/26 at 19:00 for the online shop and 6/2 for the stores and here's what I'm dreaming of getting ~

Esther Kim Face Shoulder Bag Pouch - 3229 yen
It's small but perfect for layering and who doesn't want a lilac bunny face.

Esther Kim shirt - 4309 yen
This shirt has two colourways which have different prints but I chose the pink, I love the motifs on this one. 

Esther Kim Rose Print T shirt - 2149 yen 
W*C are doing a lot of simple cute print tees recently and this is another one, perfect for casual coords

 Esther Kim Embroidered Shirt - 2149 yen
Another Simple but cute shirt! I love wearing casual shirts at the minute as it makes me feel cute all the time.

Here's the link to the W*C Esther Loves You Collab 

What do you think of this Collaboration? Are you wanting to get anything?

Stay Cute xxxxxxxxxxx


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